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About product

Artcase is not only a beautiful case, it is high level of protection for your phone!

Matte or TPU?

Our cases can be made of 2 types of materials:
1) TPU
2) Matte silicone of premium quality with varnish coating

1. TPU case has the following properties:
• the main material used polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer,
• the back of the case has a metal plate with a print on it
• the print cannot be erased
does not allow wireless charging.

2. Matte silicone case of premium quality has the following properties:
• the entire case is made of matte soft touch silicone;
• the print is covered with a layer of varnish;
• there is an additional frame around the camera.


Orders are sent from Ukraine.
Shipping Times:
USA, Canada, Australia: 7-21 business days
Europe: 7-14 business days

How to get free shipping?

How to get free shipping?
Buy for $50 or more and get free shipping.


Is wireless charging supported?
Material TPU - does not support wireless charging, Material Matte silicone - supports.

Do the cases interfere with contactless payment?
iPhones - both materials, do not interfere with paying by phone.
TPU material - contactless payment is unavailable;
Matte silicone - does not block, the payment works.

How long does it take for my order to ship?
Orders are printed and shipped within 2-3 business days

Do you have returns?
Yes, within 14 working days, but the product must remain in good quality, without damage


We offer stylish solutrions to protect your smartphone


TPU vs Matte Silicone

Comparison of our materials

Matte silicone

About product

Some benefits about our cover and protection and useful information

Phone case "Tags" - Artcase
Phone case "Tags" - Artcase
Free shipping from $50
Easy return and exchange
100% Secure checkout
Free shipping from $50
Easy return and exchange
100% Secure checkout